LIFE EVENTS - Baptisms - Weddings - Funerals



BAPTISMS (or christenings) take place in both churches. Babies, children and adults can be baptised. In baptism a decision is made to travel on a journey of faith, which is welcomed, encouraged and supported by the Church. Enquiries should be made to our vicar Rev. Allison Harding on 0191 2290522 or email



A man and a woman are welcome to MARRY in church whatever their beliefs, whether or not they are baptised and whether or not they attend church.  If you reside in the parish you are entitled to marry in one of the churches.  If you have been previously married, or you live outside the parish, you might still be able to marry here.  Again, enquire with our vicar Rev. Allison Harding on 0191 2290522 or email




Everyone, regardless of whether or not they attend church is entitled to have a FUNERAL service conducted by a member of the parish clergy.  This can be in church, at a crematorium or at a graveside.  If you wish, you can speak to Allison to discuss this, or, when the occasion arises, just inform the funeral director that you would like someone from the parish church to conduct the service and we will be contacted.




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