Events · 03. December 2023
Events · 30. November 2023
This Advent Christmas season, the Diocese have decided to create our own Advent Calendar. Each day from 1 December you'll be able to open a new door with a daily reflection from a range of different people across the Diocese.
Events · 25. July 2023
Events · 16. July 2023
Loved ones gathered at St Mary's for todays Christening.
Events · 25. June 2023
A great weekend in Newburn Parish…. Barbecue at the vicarage before the rain got us and then a fun time at Messy church…
Events · 29. April 2023
Wedding at St Michael's and All Angels church
Events · 31. March 2022
This Sunday, 3rd April, we are having a joint parish service at St Michael’s, Newburn at 10am. There will be a contemporary worship service at 6pm at St Mary’s, Throckley
Events · 16. March 2022
Bethany meetings in St Mary’s church will resume on Wednesday 20th April 2022 and will continue to meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Our starting time will now be 1.00pm when we will start with a short time of worship and prayer. This will be followed by an activity e.g a quiz, game or craft and then we will have a cuppa with light refreshments. A small voluntary contribution can be made to help cover expenses. Everyone is welcome This is a time of refreshment for body, mind and spirit...

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