Street Pastor commissioning service

 On the 7th April Newburn Parish Sunday service was lead by our Reverend Allison as usual, however the service was that extra special because we saw two of our very own wonderful parishioners commissioned as Street Pastors. Their fellow Street Pastors joined them in this celebration service.


 We are lucky enough to have three wonderful volunteer Street Pastors in our Parish, Roz and now Linda and Susan. 


 Street Pastor Paul Waugh gave us a talk about the importance of Street Pastors and some of the wonderful work that they do in Newcastle City Centre. Volunteers from right across the Christian Community provide help, support and guidance to those who are vulnerable on nights out in our city centre. For more information on what Street Pastors do, or how you could help, go to: Home - Newcastle Street Pastors


 Newburn Parish would like to thank all who volunteer as Street Pastors, your efforts obviously make a huge difference to our community. 


Our Lent 50p collection amassed an impressive £500, which we donated to the Street Pastors initiative.